Setting spam assassin to capture viruses?

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at
Sat May 3 19:41:40 PDT 2003

         Uh, got a slight problem with that recipe you sent me.  It's now 
corrupting my inbox.

At 02:05 PM 5/3/03 +0100, Danny Horne wrote:

>Dragoncrest was once thought to have said:
> >       Is there a way I can adjust by hand spam assassin's config file 
> or one of
> > the files it uses to detect spam so that it also will look for attachments
> > and if it finds anything with the extension of pif, scr, exe, or com, it
> > will automatically flag it as spam and toss it in my spam folder?  I want
> > to set it to block certain types of attachments on email.  Or would that be
> > better done with procmail?  Qpopper?  Just curious what's the best way to
> > block these.  I figure if spam assassin will do it, I'll just adjust it so
> > that it takes care of this for me.  Thanks.
> >
>I use this procmail recipe for that -
>:0 fhw
>* B ?? ^Content-type: (audio|application)
>* B ?? name=.*\.(com|exe|bat|scr|pif|hta|shs|vb[es]|ws[fh])\>
>* Subject: *\/.+
>| formail -I "Subject: POSSIBLE VIRUS: $MATCH"

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