e-patents and large format prints for Brussels May 8

Wiebe van der Worp wiebe at viaisn.org
Fri May 2 18:25:37 PDT 2003

This is about e-patents so I don't have to explain the importance of 
this mail.

In an effort to support ffii.org I wil be in Brussels just like some of 
the other recipients of this mail, and decided to make some large format 
prints to get more media attention for our common cause.

I've made an attempt which you can find on 
http://vrijschrift.org/brussel , please take a good look because your 
activities are displayed there.

Obvious the purpose is to make public aware of what is going on in a few 

Please send your suggestions to me personal.

I also want to get in touch with people from your community to hand over 
their poster in Brussels.

ps1. The last day we can print is on tuesday, so please hurry, apologizes.

ps2. Feel free to use Henks clip art on your site with a link to ffii.org
Wiebe van der Worp

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http://viaisn.nl      http://viaisn.org
http://mijnposter.nl  http://vrijschrift.org

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