Problem with networking?

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Thu May 1 16:13:07 PDT 2003

Quoting Bill Moran <wmoran at>:

> Hmmm ... I'm getting the impression you don't have root access on this
> machine?
> gcn53 at wrote:
> > Quoting Bill Moran <wmoran at>:
> > 
> >>gcn53 at wrote:
> >>
> >>>Quoting Bill Moran <wmoran at>:
> >>>
> >>>>I can think of a very limited number of cases where the primary IP on
> >>>>an ethernet card should have the netmask you have.  Verify it.
> >>>>
> >>>Sorry, forgive my ignorance, but how do I "verify it"?
> >>
> >>I missed the earlier part of the thread, so ...
> >>
> >>If you were given the information by your hosting provider, verify that
> >>it's correct compared to what you have in /etc/rc.conf
> > 
> > My hosting provider did not give me this information.
> So your provider set up the machine, correct?  I would think it would then
> be the hosting provider's responsibility to fix the network config if it's
> not working, but I don't know the exact relationship you've worked out with
> them, so I could be wrong.
Yes, the provider set the machine up.  I have contacted support with my problem.
but also came here in case there was an obvious fix.

> I looked back and found the original email you sent.  The hard part is that
> we don't know the details of the "virtual server" setup.
To quote from my hosts web site:
Our MicroVDS is based on a Intel system coupled with an RAID setup. Each
instance is given 750Mb of disk. By default around 300Mb will be allocate to
your FreeBSD install. Disk space can be increased at any time for the cost of
$3/mo per Gb. We also give you full access to the FreeBSD ports tree which you
can upgrade at any time.
Each machine also has its own unique, fixed IP address which can be configured
to whatever hostname you require. This will give you a permanent home on the
internet over which you have total control. You are allocated 5Gb/mo of
bandwidth which can be upgraded when ever you want for the cost of $3 GB/mo. We
also operate a soft limits policy so if you only go slightly over your limit you
won't have to worry about it. 

> >>Where did you get your IP addy?  You should have been provided a netmask
> >>in the same document/conversation/whatever.
> > 
> > The IP address was given to me by the host provider, after the virtual
> server
> > had been set up.
> And you entered it?  They should have provided a netmask as well as
> a default router/gateway and DNS servers.  You need all that information
> to make any sort of server work.
They set all this stuff up.

> >>Also, based on some other replies to this thread, could you post your
> >>/etc/rc.conf to the list.  It may help sort out what's up.
> >>
> > 
> > # cat < /etc/rc.conf
> > portmap_enable="NO"
> > sshd_enable="YES"
> > network_interfaces=""
> > # -- sysinstall generated deltas -- # Fri Apr  4 14:55:26 2003
> > named_enable="NO"
> > hostname="graygold"
> Well, you definately have no network config here.
> >>Another thing you can do is simply change it to and see if
> >>things start to work.  It's possible that that number is wrong, but it
> >>will break _less_ networking than using, so you'll be
> >>able to tell if you're on the right track or not:
> >>
> >>ifconfig fxp0 netmask
> > 
> > # ifconfig fxp0 netmask
> > ifconfig: ioctl (SIOCAIFADDR): permission denied
> You'll need to do this as root.  Do you have root access?
I log in on my ssh sessions as root and my hosts sale blurb says "root access".
 Guess it's really resticted root access?

Thanks for everyone's help, I guess I'll sort out the network problems with my


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