FreeBSD and hardware support requests...

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I've been saddled with a Highpoint RocketRAID 133 (IDE RAID) for my 2U 
server (only one that would fit apparently). I want to install FreeBSD 
5.0 on the machine, but the support 
pages only have precompile drivers upto 4.7 and open-source version 
for Linux.

I've tried contacting Highpoint by email, but they won't answer. I was 
hoping that FreeBSD as a group might be able to press them to release 
their FreeBSD versions as open-source too.

Failing that, some directions to the relavent module writing 
documentation would help so that I might consider porting the Linux 
opern-source to FreeBSD.

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According to
they support:

HighPoint HPT366 ATA66, HPT370 ATA100, HPT372 ATA133, HPT374 ATA133

Why not use the existing FreeBSD code and save yourself a job? ;) I
the Rocket Raid uses the HPT372 chipset.



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