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Mon Mar 31 23:38:48 PST 2003

Quoting "Scott R." <reverend at>:

> I've been struggling unsuccessfully to get WINE running properly on my 
> -current system.  The first oddity I noticed was that there is no 
> USER_LDT option to compile into a -current kernel (as per the setup 
> instructions), so I figured that it was not necessary for -current 
> systems.  Is this correct or is there an equivalent option I have 
> overlooked?

No, you're right. No USER_LDT needed anymore in the kernel config file.

> On the console window, the only error message I'm seeing is:
> err:ddeml:DdeConnect Done with INITIATE, but no Server window available

Never had such a problem.

> Does anyone know why this might be or how I can fix it?  Any tips would 
> be greatly appreciated.

Play to unix solitaire games ? :)=

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