Scott R. reverend at
Mon Mar 31 19:22:58 PST 2003

[please cc me on any replies as I am not currently subbed to this list. 
  Thank you.]

Hello all,

I've been struggling unsuccessfully to get WINE running properly on my 
-current system.  The first oddity I noticed was that there is no 
USER_LDT option to compile into a -current kernel (as per the setup 
instructions), so I figured that it was not necessary for -current 
systems.  Is this correct or is there an equivalent option I have 

Next, I seem to be able to get it configured properly (AFAIK), but I 
can't get anything to run with it.  I started with a couple of free 
solitaire games (SolSuite and 123 Free Solitaire) but have had no luck. 
  The install screen comes up fine and I put in the requested info and 
hit "next" to install the app but the app doesn't install.  It just 
hangs.  On the console window, the only error message I'm seeing is:

err:ddeml:DdeConnect Done with INITIATE, but no Server window available

Does anyone know why this might be or how I can fix it?  Any tips would 
be greatly appreciated.  Searches on Google have yielded nothing of use 
to me thus far.

Thanks in advance,

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