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> It's now well past my bed time, my brain is all muzzy, and I'm "this
> close" to giving up on the whole project.  Before I do, I have to ask:
> has *anyone* made Sendmail+Cyrus+Procmail+SpamAssassin work?  In order
> of most undesirable to least:

Almost, my setup is a bit different, but perhaps I can give you some
ideas. My mailserver goes like this:

postfix -> spamassassin -> deliver -> sieve

Now, how does one accomplish this? postfix pipes mail through a shell
script instead of feeding it directly to Cyrus' deliver. This shell
script pipes mail through spamassassin, and then finally to deliver,
which uses my .sieve to automagically bounce all Spam to trustic's
database and move messages to the appropriate folders. What you could do
is something like have sendmail pipe you email to a shell script that
would pipe it to procmail, and finally to Cyrus' deliver. Note that you
can't have procmail deliver the mail becuase Cyrus uses its own storage
method (a Maildir lookalike combined with some BerkeleyDB stuff)

If you want to have a look at the shell script I'm using, I got it from

2 remarks: Newer versions of SA don't support the -F0 and -P options,
and , you'll have to modify it, since it was made for postfix, but I
hope it will help as a starter.

Also, if you have time, I'd recommend playing with sieve, it's quite
powerful and yet easy to use tool to do server side mail

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