Sendmail + Cyrus + Procmail(?) + SpamAssassin

Kirk Strauser kirk at
Mon Mar 31 22:17:43 PST 2003

Up until this morning, I had a working setup where Sendmail used Procmail
for local delivery, and the global procmailrc called SpamAssassin (via
spamc) to insert an "X-Spam-Status:" header into incoming emails.  I used
Procmail rather than a milter because my server is a secondary MX for an
associate's domains, and the poor unenlightened soul doesn't want his email
to be processed.  Since a milter processes all email passing through a
machine, and Procmail only works on mail being delivered locally, it was the
perfect fit.

I installed Cyrus IMAP 2.1.12 from ports today, and was able to make
Sendmail deliver directly to it without too much work.  However, now I
really want to insert Procmail (or at least spamc) somewhere into the
pipeline so that my mail is conveniently marked for disposal again.  I've
found about 100 half-way recipes on Google (web and Usenet); some call
Procmail as the local mailer and ignore Cyrus altogether, and some set
Procmail to by Cyrus' delivery agent.  However, not one single setup that I
tried seemed to work.  No matter what I did, either procmailrc was ignored,
or mail was silently discarded without being delivered.

It's now well past my bed time, my brain is all muzzy, and I'm "this close"
to giving up on the whole project.  Before I do, I have to ask: has *anyone*
made Sendmail+Cyrus+Procmail+SpamAssassin work?  In order of most
undesirable to least:

1) Sendmail needs to stay.  Switching MTA's isn't something I can do right

2) I don't want to give up SpamAssassin.  I've been without it for about 12
   hours, and the amount of spam in my previously-pristine inbox is

3) I don't want to give up Procmail, because I don't want to process mail
   that's merely passing through my machine.

4) I don't want to give up Cyrus because I'm trying to get some experience
   with it locally before deploying it on customers' production systems.

Anyone who can help me with the least amount of pain (see the above metric)
will have my eternal gratitude.  Or at least a hearty "Thanks!" once I've
had a sleep cycle and some caffeine.
Kirk Strauser
In Googlis non est, ergo non est.

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