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Mon Mar 31 08:48:59 PST 2003

Wow, that was quick
Wow, that was quick,
Well, as a school project, I had to redesign a SME companys 
network under licence-free and licencing aspects.
The firm needs support for 10 workstations, ie file sharing, a 
backup solution, internet and email access. My partner and I 
implemented a Freebsd 4.7 file server with samba 2.2.8a, running 
on a P4 2000MHz 512DDR RRAM  machine with 2*60 GB IDE HDD with a 
RAID 1, performed by a hardware controller. 
The system needs to be flexible for future adoption like 
webserving and its own SMTP/POP3 and is compared with a Windows 
2000 standard server, as far as licence, support and downtime 
costs are concerned.

Thx a lot for your help
moritz fromwald

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> Moritz Fromwald wrote:
> > Does anyone know good information resources on long-
> > term support costs for freebsd or a comparison with 
> > coresponding M$ Products?
> Sure.  Check out,, or anything else that lets you 
> compare the annual salary for FreeBSD admins versus M$ admins.  Then add 
> the license costs of the M$ products in question, adjust by a fudge 
> factor representing the difference in relative productivity, management 
> whims, and all of the other unmeasureable factors unique to your situation.
> If you tell us what you're doing, how many users, and so forth, a bunch 
> of people here can probably reel off rough estimates that will be in the 
>   right ballpark, anyway.
> -Chuck

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