Backup solutions

Erik Gustafson birdy at
Mon Mar 31 08:48:16 PST 2003


I'm supposed to setup a server with the following services:
Email (smtp,pop,webmail)
Filesharing with Samba

For this I have two identical equipped PC's, one DAT-writer and one additional
large harddisk. The load on the server will not be high so I will only
need the first PC to handle these services.

The databases for MySQL are small (about 30Mb)
/var/mail will be big (about 3Gb)
The websites are small (about 50-100Mb)
I expect the files to share with samba wont take more than 5Gb

Now to my questions:
1) I want daily backups of this, at lest mail and mysql must be backed up
daily. The files shared with samba are not that important so a weekly
backup is enough. It is not possible for me to change the tape in the
DAT-writer more than one time per week.

2) Because I have two computers it would be nice if I could use the
second one for redundancy so I can take any of the computers down and
do a 'make world'.

So. How would you accomplish this? 
My idea is to use pdumpfs to dump everything to the additional disk
every day, and as extra security compress and dump mail and databases
to DAT every week. In my solution I dont use the second computer at
all, I have no idea aout how to accomplish redundancy.

All ideas and tips are welcome!


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