Charlie Clark charlie at
Mon Mar 31 07:46:44 PST 2003

On 2003-03-31 at 17:39:35 [+0200], Rodney Salomon wrote:
> Anybody ever install FBSD on a VAIO?  Any issues with the PCMCIA card?  
> Im trying to install on a F-350.  

Yes and yes.

I've managed to install FreeBSD 4.6 on my GRX (different chipset than 
yours) but have problems with 4.7 (DVD/CD drive) and 5.0 definitely the 
PC-Card controller.

Please provide more details about your machine and which version of FreeBSD 
you are trying to install and direct your question to 
FreeBSD-questions at as freeBSD-newbies isn't the right place.


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