Arp question

Darryl Hoar darryl at
Mon Mar 31 07:33:30 PST 2003

I have /kernel Arplookup failure: is not on the local network.
I have confirmed that this is a test port address on a pieced of
gear at my ISP.  I have firewall rules blocking private IP's in
and out, but ARP aint IP as I've been told.

To try and get this messages to stop (one a minute or so), I have

# ifconfig ep0 -arp

to try and disable arp on the external interface.  That works for a while,
but after a few minutes the interface hangs.

I can't get the ISP to do anything about it.  How can I get my
FreeBSD 4.7-stable machine to ignore these?  I have verified that the
NIC is not in promiscous mode by

# ifconfig ep0 -promisc

but it makes no difference.

Any ideas ?


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