Accessing network shares without SMB

Tim Kellers timothyk at
Sun Mar 30 12:00:11 PST 2003

On Sunday 30 March 2003 02:15 pm, Daniela wrote:
> Is it possible to access a remote Windoze drive by simply mounting it, as
> if it was a local one? If yes, how?
> Can I enter a device name in the host:path notation?
> Could the path be, for example, /dev/ad0s1 to access the first slice (I
> know almost nothing about that Micro$oft stuff)?
> At least, I want to access it by giving just the IP, without that workgroup
> stuff.
> Daniela
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I think this is an example of the command you want:

mount_smbfs -W [workgroup name] -I [windows box IP address]  //[valid windows 
box user]@[netbios name of windows box]/[the share name you want to mount] 
/[Freebsd mount point]

You'll be prompted for a password; there is also a way to have it read the 
windows password from a FreeBSD file.

This is all covered in man mount_smbfs(8)

Tim Kellers

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