Backport of ServerWorks ATA to 4-Stable?

John Wilson jmw_ymail at
Sun Mar 30 11:17:38 PST 2003

Hello all.

I was wondering if there would be a backport of the
ServerWorks GC chipset (CSB6 South bridge) to
4-Stable.  I am only able to obtain "BIOSDMA" support
on my HD's and basic "PIO" support of my CD-RW.

I played around with 5.0-Current on this machine and
by utilizing 'atacontrol', I was able to get DMA mode
transfers on all of the installed media.  There were
also no stability issues running in this mode either
under 5-Current.

Failing any plans by the developers to include this
support into the upcoming 4.8-Release or later -Stable
code, would it be possible to try and hack the
-Current code into -Stable myself?

Thank you for your time,
John Wilson

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