Best X configurator for laptops?

Paul Hoffman phoffman at
Sun Mar 30 09:02:42 PST 2003

At 8:29 AM -0800 3/30/03, Nathan Kinkade wrote:
>On Sun, Mar 30, 2003 at 07:59:59AM -0800, Paul Hoffman wrote:
>>  Hi again. I have a Dell Inspiron 3500 laptop, now running 4.7.
>>  xf86cfg and xf86config both give (different) unusable results for my
>>  system. Which of the other X configurators in the ports collection
>>  seem to do a good job on laptops, if any?
>>  --Paul Hoffman
>You need to be more specific about the problems you are encountering.

I was trying to avoid that because it doesn't seem like this is a 
good place to debug particular XWindows problems.

But, since you asked, the screen comes up blank. There are no 
XWindows errors, just a blank screen.

Thus, my quest for a better configuration...

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