Help setting up a home network with FreeBSD

Andrew Boothman andrew at
Sat Mar 29 12:53:42 PST 2003

On Saturday 29 March 2003 8:08 pm, Rod Person wrote:
> Hello,
> for the last week I have been trying to set up a home network with FreeBSD.
> I have been successful in setting up the 5.0 server to connect to my
> verizon dsl account. I've configure the kernel for use as a firewall and
> set this up as a gateway machine. I like the 2nd nic to connect to my hub
> and server dhcp addresses to the other machines on the network.
> I been searching for a tutorial or how-to but nothing I have read has been
> successful it letting the the other machines to access the internet via the
> server.

So can the server talk to the Internet perfectly fine? Can the other machines 
talk to the server?

Do you need to use NAT to connect the other machines or do Verizon give you 
multiple IPs. If you need NAT, you should simply be able to set 
natd_interface="<name of external interface"
natd_flags="-dynamic -deny_incoming"

Then if your server is set us the default router for your other machines, 
everything should just work! You'll need to set-up the IPs of the other 
machines by hand and you'll also need to give the machines the IP of 
Verizon's DNS server. But you can begin to check that everything works by 
pinging around with IP addresses only.

Good Luck!


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