Help setting up a home network with FreeBSD

Volker Kindermann freebsd at
Sat Mar 29 12:25:19 PST 2003

Hi Rod,

> I have been successful in setting up the 5.0 server to connect to my
> verizon dsl account. I've configure the kernel for use as a firewall
> and set this up as a gateway machine. I like the 2nd nic to connect to
> my hub and server dhcp addresses to the other machines on the network.

what exactly won't work? Please provide us with some more information.
Is forwarding turned on on the gateway machine?

Does dhcpd work correctly? Does DNS work?

If something don't work, please give us the config-files and log file

This shouldn't be a big problem, so with the right information this list
will help you out. :-)


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