Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sat Mar 29 06:25:20 PST 2003

John Johnson wrote:
[ ... ]
> 1.  But a funny problem I seem to have is identifying which
 > of the FTP programs to use.

The FTP command in a DOS prompt window (type 'cmd' or 'command' from 
Start->Run) is adequate.  Or get a download manager for Windows like 

> 2.  Do i download directly to the floppys or to my Windows
 > machine before using fdimage to format.

Download to your Windows machine.  An image of a floppy disk won't fit 
on a (already formatted) floppy disk.

> 3.  Do I download the ISO images to the Windows machine before durning
 > (as that would be better in case of an interruption during downloading.)

Download the ISO's to your Windows machine, as well. has a 
free trial version of their burning software which will do the right 
thing, if you're not sure of how to burn the CD correctly.

> I just learnt that I have to start the program from the DOS environment,
 > which I will try now and give you a feedback.

OK.  Good luck.


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