John Johnson schoolnet_sierraleone at
Sat Mar 29 05:17:55 PST 2003

 David Landgren <david at> wrote:
> Can't you burn a CD from the ISO images available from the 'Net?

If he's on a 28k dialup that might take a while...


I am actually using a 56K dial-up access.

I printed the manual out and I read through. Getting the Floppys and the others.

1.  But a funny problem I seem to have is identifying which of the FTP programs to use.
2.  Do i download directly to the floppys or to my Windows machine before using fdimage to format.

3.  Do I download the ISO images to the Windows machine before durning (as that would be better in case of an interruption during downloading.)

I just learnt that I have to start the program from the DOS environment, which I will try now and give you a feedback.

Thanks for responding to my questions. Please keep me posted.

John Johnson

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