'origin not recorded' error upon attempt to use pkg_add

Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1049313710.0c4d10 at mired.org
Fri Mar 28 12:01:54 PST 2003

In <20030328170506.GA72049 at mind.net>, John Fox <jjf at mind.net> typed:
> Hello!
> Upon attempts to use 'pkg_add' utility, I get a string of error messages
> such as the following:
>    pkg_add: package wterm-6.2.7a1 has no origin recorded
>    pkg_add: package wmtime-1.0b2 has no origin recorded

> 2) Theories about what causes this condition.
>    (Least important)

That's easy - the packages are old enough that they didn't record
their origin.

> 1) The methodology by which I can correct this error condition.
>    (Most important)

Installing newer versions of the packages is the obvious way. You can
also go into /var/db/pkg/wterm-6.2.7a1/+CONTENTS and add a line that
says "@comment ORIGIN:x11/wterm" after the @name line. There may be
other magic required as well, but this worked for the one I did it to.

What's odd is that this shouldn't make pkg_add fail. Is it possible
that you're getting another error message in amongst these complaints?

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