'origin not recorded' error upon attempt to use pkg_add

John Fox jjf at mind.net
Fri Mar 28 09:05:07 PST 2003


Upon attempts to use 'pkg_add' utility, I get a string of error messages
such as the following:

   pkg_add: package wmtime-1.0b2 has no origin recorded
   pkg_add: package wterm-6.2.7a1 has no origin recorded

It would be only a curiosity were it not for the fact that pkg_add *fails*
to add the requested package -- it returns a '1'.

So I am very curious about two things:

1) The methodology by which I can correct this error condition.
   (Most important)

2) Theories about what causes this condition.
   (Least important)

Thank you in advance for any advice,

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