Freebsd - restarting itself?!

Siegbert Baude siegbert.baude at
Fri Mar 28 08:31:05 PST 2003

Hi Jason,

>>>If there was not a clean shutdown, I would start looking for faulty
>>>hardware, assuming the power was not interrupted.  Any machine that
>>>spontaniously reboots on its' own usually has a bad power supply, but it
>>>could be very well be the motherboard, or even something else.  Further,
>>>as many other people have said, just because the hardware is new does not
>>>necessarily mean it is problem-free.
>>Look especially for the condensators on the motherboard. There is a 
>>wide-spread problem with a Taiwanese company having produced bad 
>>electrolyte. The resulting condensators are found in motherboards of 
>>nearly all manufacturers and (as I can say out of my own experience) 
>>give exactly the behaviour, you described.
>This is off topic (sort of), but out of curiosity, could problems like
>that on a motherboard cause problems relating to memory?  If so, I bet
>this explains my problems at work lately with an NT4 server giving me
>the BSOD all the time with memory errors.

First, when I wrote condensators, I meant electrolytic capacitors, sorry 
for the Germanism.

Look where your faulty capacitors are placed on your motherboard. There 
are several of them around the processor socket and some next to the 
memory banks. They supply these parts with current, if the "demand" 
heavily changes, as these fluctuations can't be compensated by the power 
supply unit. My faulty capacitors were placed around the processor and 
I've seen exactly the above-mentioned behaviour of spontaneously 
reboots. If your faulty ones are for the memory modules, all kinds of 
memory errors could be caused by this.

BTW, if you think about replacing the capacitors, make sure you get 
low-ESR-capacitors, normal ones won't work. I got mine from


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