Sony VAIO w/ Linksys card

Rodney Salomon rstunna1 at
Fri Mar 28 06:02:49 PST 2003

No, no, no....  I need to/want to get FBSD on this

When I check the dmesg, I see that pcic0 is recognized
by "Ricoh Cardbus Bridge on IRQ 9.

pcic1 is my Linksys card....

WTF is Ricoh Cardbus Bridge??    

--- Adam Lofstedt <adaml at> wrote:
> I think it is a problem with the Sony not giving
> access to the PC card.
> I've tried similar things with the PCG-F series
> notebooks and a variety
> of different PC network cards, with no luck.
> I've tried without fail to use symantec ghost on the
> F series, which
> uses a DOS boot disk to boot to a DOS program that
> uses the Network
> card.  On other machines such as Dells, Toshibas,
> etc, it works just
> fine, but on the Sony F series the NIC is never
> detected.  This was a
> big clue to me that it must be some kind of hardware
> limitation with the
> Sony F series.  
> I gave up trying to do anything with a Sony F series
> and a network card
> before an OS has fully booted up.
> That's just my experience, maybe someone else will
> have a better answer
> than me...
> Adam Lofstedt

Look at all the pretty C shells!

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