Aleksey V. Dolya TanaT at
Fri Mar 28 04:15:22 PST 2003


I have problem in configuring XFree86 in FreeBSD 4.7

I  try  to configure it after installation. I used graphical
tool and textmode utility too.

The result is often the same:

"The  XFree86  configuration  process  seems to have failed.
Would you like to try again?"

I  have Sony CPD-E100E Monitor, S3 Savage4 card and standard

Configuration  utility autodetects this hardware and autouse
reasonable parameters, but it doesn't help.

Configuring  XFree86  I  parameters  from the document to my
monitor. But it doesn't help.

I  try  to  use  params which are worse than my real. But it
doesn't help.

Without  XFree  I  can't  use GNOME&KDE in normal resolution
(only in 200x300).

I don't know what to do. Help me, please.


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