Xfree86 help required since upgrade.

Philip Payne Philip.Payne at uk.uu.net
Fri Mar 28 03:51:18 PST 2003


I recently upgraded Xfree4 via portupgrade (portupgrade -a) and I now have a
problem. It appears X will only work in 8-bit mode. Before, my XF86Config
specified the default bit depth as 24 and X was fine. Now X fails to start
at anything over 8-bit... I mean, it starts... it just hangs after a lot of
disk activity. 

Briefly, I'm running FreeBSD 4.X-Stable on a PC with an nvidia card and the
nvidia driver from /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver and the latest version of
Xfree4 from ports. I appreciate the nvidia driver is beta and could be the
root cause of this problem but I've been using that driver for some time
with no problems so far.

I'm definitely no X-pert. I can work my way through an XF86Config file and X
error log but that's about it. Nothing I can immediately identify in
/var/log/Xfree86.0.log to cause the problem (that's not to say there isn't
something in there).

My question is:
a) Is there anyone out there willing to help me resolve this?
b) What information (hardware, config files) do you need to help me out?

Let me know, by reply individually if you don't want to spam the list and
I'll send everything relevant in one go.

Thanks a lot,

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