CVSup over an SSH tunnel

James Earl mtntrip at
Thu Mar 27 10:08:26 PST 2003

You bet you can.

ssh -2 -N -f -L [localhost port]:[cvsup-server-ip]:[cvsup-server-port] 

For example:

ssh -2 -N -f -L 
user at outside-machine-ip-address

Then you'd simply change your supfile to point to localhost, and 
possibly use the -p [port] option on the command line to change the 
port to 6000.

Good luck.

On 2003.03.27 11:00 benjamin everist wrote:
> There seems to be a wealth of information on using CVSup over a ssh 
> tunnel, all of which I am apparently too dense to understand.
> Please take pity on me:
> I have a machine inside a NATing firewall that needs to cvsup, but 
> cannot connect via port 5999.
> I have a machine outside that firewall that doesn't need to cvsup, 
> but can connect via port 5999
> ssh is permitted out of the firewall, and is running on both machines 
> above.
> no changes are allowed to the firewall.
> Can I create a tunnel from the inside machine to the outside machine 
> to a cvsup server and thus become happy and sane again?
> Thanks,
> Benjamin Everist
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