PCMCIA wireless nic

Pierrick Brossin pbrossin at swissgeeks.com
Thu Mar 27 04:49:16 PST 2003

Quoting Volker Kindermann <freebsd at secspace.de>:

> AFAIK, the Netgear MA401 has an Intersil Prism 2 (or 2.5) chipset which
> is supported well.

Since we are talking about wireless stuff (hehe) I want to ask if someone
tried the bsd-airtools ?
I wanted to check those tools because it's kinda interesting!

I installed them and have to run it that way: dstumbler wi0 -o

But apparently when it founds a network my laptop crashes :)
(it goes in debug mode)

I'm using 5.0...

Any idea ?


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