PCMCIA wireless nic

Volker Kindermann freebsd at secspace.de
Wed Mar 26 17:01:08 PST 2003

> Recently i borrowed a Netgear MA401 PCMCIA 11Mbps nic  from a friend.
> I put it into my Laptop to see if it would be recognized in BSD 4.7.
> Everything seemed ok, the wi0 driver loaded and it recognized the mac
> address. The only thing that went wrong was the led on the card was
> blinking green. I don't know if that is good or bad. I want to know if
> anyone out there has the same card and if there are any issues or not
> with BSD?

AFAIK, the Netgear MA401 has an Intersil Prism 2 (or 2.5) chipset which
is supported well.

The blinking led on my Cards (D-Link DWL650) is a sign that no network
to connect to was found. Perhaps it's the same with your card but it
would be safer to check the card's manual.


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