Mitsubishi Diamond Touch keyboard problem

W. Sierke ws at
Thu Mar 27 03:53:00 PST 2003


I recently completed an installation of 4.7 (using the kern.flp mfsroot.flp)
and which was originally hanging at the first 'sysinstall' screen (sorry,
can't remember the question that was posed - "load kernel modules?"
perhaps?). The keyboard (Mitsubishi Diamond Touch) would not respond and the
only avenue was a reboot, rinse and repeat. After only a dozen or two
consecutive failed attempts, I wised up and pulled out my trusty old 101-key
beast which made those locked-up blues disappear.

The best result of my search efforts was a vague reference that there "might
be problems with keyboards with 'extra' keys such as power control keys"
which this keyboard has. I was hoping someone might be able to point me at
something a bit more definitive as to whether I can expect problems if I
swap back to the Mitsubishi keyboard, which I would like to do.

Unrelated I'd like to say how much I enjoyed installing FreeBSD on this old
system which is destined to become a home file server. A P166 with 64M and
80G Seagate Barracuda V and D-Link 530TX. While the keyboard (and a couple
of other 'issues') detracted a little, I was chuffed when I got to the
disk-slicing stage and found all 80G sitting there in their shining glory.
So much for my MS-centric colleagues who said it couldn't be done with such
an old bios (of the 8G vintage). Ultimately the bios proved to be a sticking
point in that it wouldn't boot when set to 16383/16/63, but dropping the
heads to 15 (a buggy AMI bios, I think I may have read somewhere?) and away
we went. FreeBSD gracefully ignored the bios drive settings throughout the
procedure and used what it 'knew' to be right, even with the drive disabled
in the bios. Woo-hoo.



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