Adding a KVM, what should I be aware of?

Victor Bondarenko vpb at
Thu Mar 27 01:48:26 PST 2003

On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 08:32:18PM -0500, Dragoncrest wrote:
> putting it on the KVM.  I know some people have mentioned issues with that 
> before, so I wanted to be ready and aware of any and all issues so I could 
> nail them as they show up so I'm not ripping my hair out trying to solve 
> issues relating to my KVM switch.  Thanks!

FWIW, I've had no serious issues with my KVM (some type of an older

It does seem that some machines have a problem using the mouse in
Xwindows (mouse is jerky and all over the screen.)  I had to enable
moused and use /dev/sysmouse (vs. using /dev/psm0 or whatever.)  Other
than that no problems whatsoever.

HTH, Victor

vpb at

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