disklabel - 8th partition shows "X" as Partition name

Joshua Oreman oremanj at webserver.get-linux.org
Thu Mar 27 00:14:25 PST 2003

On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 12:36:23PM -0600 or thereabouts, Mike Meyer arranged some electrons to write:
> In <3E81EC91.3010500 at gmx.de>, Siegbert Baude <siegbert.baude at gmx.de> typed:
> > >>I once tried to use (in DOS-terms) logical partitions within an 
> > >>extended partition. This is possible, if you do the math and creation 
> > >>of partition tables by hand, but is not supported by the FreBSD tools. 
> > > No, you don't need to do anything by hand. Just disklabel /dev/amr0s5
> > > and so on, and create the partitions in it. I will note that on
> > > 5.0-RELEASE, the extended slice devices didn't get created for me.
> > Yes, disklabel worked o.k., I talked about potential problems with 
> > (DOS-term) partition tables, aka slice tables.
> > It's about two years ago, that I experimented with FBSD and 
> > "extended/logical slices", but at least fdisk and /stand/sysinstall 
> > didn't support those then. Did this change? At the moment I don't have 
> > a spare system to experiment and check this myself.
> Ah, I understand you this time. The FreeBSD tools for manipulating
> slices don't grok extended slices. I forget what I used to do this -
> possibly Linux fdisk - but it wasn't the FreeBSD tools. The
> alternative on FreeBSD is to do the calculation by hand, as you said.

I was experimenting with this too.
I made two ports of other fdisk utilites that could handle extended partitions:
OpenBSD fdisk and Linux fdisk.

If you want them, go:

Note that Linux cfdisk is included in the linux fdisk package but doesn't work.
The port is just enough to be able to edit ptable with linux fdisk.

OpenBSD fdisk seems to work fine.
Hope this helps!

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