disklabel - 8th partition shows "X" as Partition name

Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1049135784.46af66 at mired.org
Wed Mar 26 18:36:27 PST 2003

In <3E81EC91.3010500 at gmx.de>, Siegbert Baude <siegbert.baude at gmx.de> typed:
> >>I once tried to use (in DOS-terms) logical partitions within an 
> >>extended partition. This is possible, if you do the math and creation 
> >>of partition tables by hand, but is not supported by the FreBSD tools. 
> > No, you don't need to do anything by hand. Just disklabel /dev/amr0s5
> > and so on, and create the partitions in it. I will note that on
> > 5.0-RELEASE, the extended slice devices didn't get created for me.
> Yes, disklabel worked o.k., I talked about potential problems with 
> (DOS-term) partition tables, aka slice tables.
> It's about two years ago, that I experimented with FBSD and 
> "extended/logical slices", but at least fdisk and /stand/sysinstall 
> didn't support those then. Did this change? At the moment I don't have 
> a spare system to experiment and check this myself.

Ah, I understand you this time. The FreeBSD tools for manipulating
slices don't grok extended slices. I forget what I used to do this -
possibly Linux fdisk - but it wasn't the FreeBSD tools. The
alternative on FreeBSD is to do the calculation by hand, as you said.

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