Query regarding thread safe socket/networking library

Manas bhatt_manas at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 26 16:31:40 PST 2003

Hello All,
 I am currently stuck with the problem that the c
socket library doesnt seem to be thread safe. I am
trying to create multiple threads, where each thread
connects to a different server using socket/connect
system call. Problem is the program hangs and none of
the threads seem to do anything. I tried correcting
that i cud suspect was responsible for this, but it
simply doesnt work after which i concluded that
probably socket implementation is not thread safe. 
  This is also supported by the fact that when my
program has only two threads, it works sometimes while
hangs at other times. Having more threads hangs it
everytime. Is there something i might be doing wrong ?
Or if i am correct then is there a thread safe sockets
library lying somewhere ? 
 Someone told me libc_r is a complete thread safe
library for C. I do not know much about libc_r and
there doesnt seem to be much help available online
too. Do you guys know some good doc for the same ?


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