multi-port serial IO support

Peter Losher at
Wed Mar 26 04:26:01 PST 2003

On Tuesday 25 March 2003 08:29 am, Douglas K. Rand wrote:

> Tom> WARNING: driver rp should register devices with make_dev() (dev_t =
> Tom> "#rp/0x10082")
> While I haven't tested it, I expect that this message goes away with
> FreeBSD 4.7. The rp driver got some work done to it between 4.6 and
> 4.7.

Still happens on my FreeBSD 4.{6,7} console servers @work, where we use 
RocketPorts pretty widely. (We even have some old RP ISA cards floating 
around that are still in use)

WARNING: driver rp should register devices with make_dev() (dev_t = 

I did hear that a new rp driver (nrp?) had been written/committed in -CURRENT 
sometime late last year, and apparently made it in 5.0-RELEASE, but hadn't 
been back-ported to -STABLE yet (but patches have been floating around in 
the archives).  I haven't had a chance to test it yet, although one of the 
things the new driver apparently fixes is you are now able to use more than 
one PCI card in a box.  (we have some installs where we need a second PCI 
card to drive a third/fourth "pod", where this would be useful)

> We just make our own cables and ends. Using flat satin cable, putting
> the RJ45 ends on is trivial, and Comtrol's pin out allows a cross over
> cable to be built by putting the RJ45 connector on one end of the
> cable on backwards.

That's what we do here... (tangled in a web of cat-5 and silver satin cables 
at the moment)

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