FBSD 4.8 ftp install with 3c509B: "ep0 device is not configure" ??

Rob Lahaye lahaye at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jun 30 01:21:18 PDT 2003


I'm installing FreeBSD 4.8 from floppies and want to proceed with ftp installation.
This is on a fixed network at the university. The ethernet card is 3Com 509B (the BIOS
says it's on interrupt 5).

During the installation, after I have entered the network info, I get a message
that says "ep0 device is not configured.". It also says I should configure it later
in the Network setup (where is that Network setup??).

I have installed FreeBSD on a PC with a realtek ethernet card, and that installs
like a charm. The realtek ethernet card is recognized without any trouble.

So what's going on here and why do I run into this trouble with the 3Com509B card?
Is "ep" device not part of the kern.flp/mfsroot.flp kernel?

Help is very much appreciated!

Thanks so much,

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