5.1 install - Slow

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.no-ip.com
Sat Jun 28 07:24:32 PDT 2003

"Keith Pitcher" <kpitcher at locallink.net> writes:

> I'm doing a net install of 5.1 on an AMD K5 100, 16 megs ram. 2 gig HD,
> put 128MB for swap. I know this is basically bare minimum, but it's only
> going to be a modem gateway.
> I started this around 2am, it is now bogged down on adding the perl
> package. So far it has about 5.5 megs downloaded and it's just creaping.
> It's been on this same package for 8 hours and the install is just
> creeping on up on the install size. I doubt this is net congestion and
> blame it on the slow machine.
> My question is : should it take quite this long? I originally let it run
> for 2 hours, thought it was locked up and restarted, see if it would
> speed up. But this new install is slowing down at the same spot.

It's probably swapping like mad.
It would probably be a lot faster to do a more minimal install on that
system, and download the package later as part of configuring the system.

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