5.1 install - Slow

Keith Pitcher kpitcher at locallink.net
Thu Jun 26 09:47:32 PDT 2003

I'm doing a net install of 5.1 on an AMD K5 100, 16 megs ram. 2 gig HD,
put 128MB for swap. I know this is basically bare minimum, but it's only
going to be a modem gateway.

I started this around 2am, it is now bogged down on adding the perl
package. So far it has about 5.5 megs downloaded and it's just creaping.
It's been on this same package for 8 hours and the install is just
creeping on up on the install size. I doubt this is net congestion and
blame it on the slow machine.

My question is : should it take quite this long? I originally let it run
for 2 hours, thought it was locked up and restarted, see if it would
speed up. But this new install is slowing down at the same spot.

This is a new personal record for taking the longest to install.



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