creating ftp users!

Raymond Sundland raymond at
Fri Jun 27 17:27:06 PDT 2003


You can try setting the user's shell to /usr/libexec/sftp-server (or 
wherever the sftp-server binary exists under FreeBSD).

This will give the user ability to SFTP into the box, but without a 
normal shell.  /usr/lib/exec/sftp-server should be added to /etc/shells, 

Rob Lahaye wrote:
> I have not inetd running, but instead only allow secure
> connections with ssh and sftp.
> However, the hints given here seem to only apply to ftpd
> server and not the sftp connection. /sbin/nologin disables
> both, ssh and sftp.
> Is there a way to disable ssh, but allow sftp access only?
> Can I do the /etc/ftpchroot for sftp as well?
> Thanks,
> Rob.
> Jonathan Arnold wrote:
>>>How to create users for Ftp server(inetd)?
>>You just use the 'adduser' command normally, to add a "normal"
>>user. If they are just going to be doing ftp, you can use the
>>/sbin/nologin for their shell, so they can't login.
> Doron Shmaryahu wrote:
>>I would also suggest limiting ftp users to their respective home dir. You
>>can do this simply by creating a file /etc/ftpchroot and putting all the
>>usernames in there.
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