creating ftp users!

Rob Lahaye lahaye at
Mon Jun 23 07:14:38 PDT 2003

Raymond Sundland wrote:
> Rob,
> You can try setting the user's shell to /usr/libexec/sftp-server (or 
> wherever the sftp-server binary exists under FreeBSD).
> This will give the user ability to SFTP into the box, but without a 
> normal shell.  /usr/lib/exec/sftp-server should be added to /etc/shells, 
> too.

Almost works ;).
Doing what you suggest, I can sftp to the account, but when I do ssh to
that account, I get the regular login message but no prompt. Something
seems to hang. When I type something and hit return, I get:

bad message
Connection to closed.

It somehow blocks ssh login indeed, but it's not very nice!

BTW will sftp also work with the /etc/chroot file?


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