Burning audio cd with burncd command

DavidSiebörger drs at rucus.ru.ac.za
Fri Jun 27 10:41:18 PDT 2003

At 12:03 AM on Friday 27 June 2003, David wrote:
> Hello, I'm using freebsd 5.0 Jan 2003 series
> I read the freebsd handbook on mp3 and making
> audio cd's. First I use the mpg123 command to
> convert the mp3's to wavs in 16 bit 44.1k stereo,
> then I use the sox utility to remove the headers 
> that produces the pop click sound at the begining 
> of each track. Then I burn the cd using burncd.
> I still get the pop click sound when I play the audio cd.
> Is there a switch missing in the command syntax
> I'm using?
> mpg123 -w - anysong.mp3 > newsong.wav
> sox -t  wav -r 44100 -s -w -c 2 newsong.wav new-song.wav

The example in the handbook reads:

    % sox -t wav -r 44100 -s -w -c 2 track.wav track.raw

Note that the output file has a .raw extension.

> burncd -f /dev/acd1c -s 8 audio *.wav fixate

You should be writing the headerless .raw files to the disc, rather
than the .wav files.

> If you had a similar situation, let me know how you fix
> the problem. Any suggestions is helpful

David Siebörger
drs at rucus.ru.ac.za

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