realtek 8139

Florin Betivoiu flow_of_rhin at
Fri Jun 27 05:02:09 PDT 2003

I have FreeBSD 4.8 Release. At one time I pulled out the network cable 
and I got this message:
rl0: reset never completed
The system was doing something, not much, like pinging, I don't recall 
exactly. After that, at the first boot, in dmesg I found this:

rl0: chip is is in D3 power mode -- setting to D0
Just that dmesg, no others, and with 'is' twice :). Now every ping I do, 
results in:
sendto: host is down
and it isn't. On the same sistem resides a windows which is not 
bothered by anything. What is wrong? What did I do? How can I undo it?
Point me to the path of my salvation, please :) Thank you.

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