Promise FastTrak TX2000 Raid card

Johan Paul johan.paul at
Fri Jun 27 02:35:17 PDT 2003

Hi all,

I have this question about the FastTrak TX2000 and other RAID cards as 
well. I looked up from FreeBSD home page that the card i supported which 
is great. But I haven't used hardware RAID1 before and I was thinking if 
there are any specific things I have to keep in mind when installing 
FreeBSD on hardware RAID1, in this case with the card in the subject? How 
does FreeBSD see the drives for example?  

And if I have to (hopefully not! :)) recover from a disk failure do I have 
to do anything else than replace the failed IDE drive and power up the 
machine and everything should work as normally on the RAID1? And RAID1 on 
the other drive should be rebuild automagically in the background by the 
card? This is what I am looking for :-)


Johan Paul

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