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[Roger Merritt wrote (mcrogerm at on 6/27/03 12:06 AM]

>> Zope can be as big or small as you need and is certainly in no way limited
>> to weblogs.
> Well, thanks for telling me. If I have time I'll take another look at it,
> but I was frankly daunted by their website. is really a mess. a new site is being worked on.

> I got the impression that zope
> was primarily designed for weblogs and outside news feeds, and it seems to
> be *big*. 

zope is an application server, so you can do most anything you like.

> The intranet I'm trying to set up will have pretty static
> content, but I want to use a content management system to make it easier
> for the teachers to update their course outlines and homework assignments.

Zope +CMF +plone ( can help you here.

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