NAT Dropping Internal Connection

Jeremy Bingham jeremy at
Wed Jun 25 11:46:59 PDT 2003

On 25/06/03 13:34 -0500, Gene Bomgardner wrote:
> Check IP addresses. Do you use dhcp? Is the f-bsd box the server? I've had
> this problem when dhcpd stopped and the windoze machines assigned their own
> ip's

I have to use dhcp on the external interface, but the internal
interfaces use static IPs. The address is theoretically dynamic but it
never seems to actually change. Also, while one of the boxes on the
internal network is a dual boot Win2K/FreeBSD 5.1 box, the others are
two Suns and a Mac. I've been ssh'ed into the box, noticed that it had
lost the connections with the interal boxes, rebooted it remotely, and
it worked again.

> What else is going on on the F-BSD box?

Not much. I just use it as a NAT box mostly and ssh into it

> Kernel options seem ok.
> I also had a firewl problem at one time and had to completely re-install it.
> The divert wasn't getting loaded.
> Good luck.
> Gene

Hope this info sheds some light on it.


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