Eliminating "noise" from secondary MX

David Landgren david at landgren.net
Wed Jun 25 04:04:39 PDT 2003

Karl Pielorz wrote:
> Or, secondly - as was cleverly suggested to me a while ago - setup a 3rd 
> MX that has a IN A PTR to your primary MX, and make it the highest 
> priority...
> e.g.
> mx0.mydomain.com   PRI   20
> mx1.mydomain.com   PRI   30
> mx2.mydomain.com   PRI   40 (Which is really just a different name for mx0)
> That way, you'll probably find most the spam hits the highest priority 
> MX (which is, in reality your primary MX).

I think you mean "highest-numbered" MX, which is the lowest priority 
MX, but yeah, I get the picture. Thanks for the tip, I might give it a 


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