Disaster recovery planning

Stephen Hovey shovey at buffnet.net
Tue Jun 24 04:17:53 PDT 2003

I keep a local copy ftpable of the version(s) I use..  Install just the
bin dist using floppy and the local ftpable - then full restore from tape
- and recompile the kernal just to be on the safe side.

On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, Sue Blake wrote:

> Here's how I plan to recover a system from a level 0 backup to
> new hardware, if ever the need arises:
> 1. boot off installation CD (or floppy??)
> 2.   disklabel, make filesystems (using sysinstall)
> 3.   restore root filesystem and mount it
> 4.   change fstab and various configs to work with new hardware
> 5. boot in single user mode, fix fstab and devices, restore other filesystems
> 6. boot multiuser and fix anything that still doesn't work
> I'm upgrading using cvsup and don't have recent CDs.
> I know I can make my own bootable CD to keep for this purpose, but I
> don't want to rely on it being found in a crisis if there is a more
> generic method.
> Can I do this by booting off an _old_ FreeBSD CD? How old, I mean,
> what sort of changes do I need to look out for?
> I think I need the fixit CD too, I couldn't just use the holographic
> shell even if feeling masochistic... or could I?
> Could it be done just using a couple of quickly downloaded boot
> floppy images, in which case I'd only need to document the URL for
> the current floppies?
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> Regards,
>         -*Sue*-
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