Disaster recovery planning

Sue Blake sue at welearn.com.au
Tue Jun 24 04:12:24 PDT 2003

Here's how I plan to recover a system from a level 0 backup to
new hardware, if ever the need arises:

1. boot off installation CD (or floppy??)
2.   disklabel, make filesystems (using sysinstall)
3.   restore root filesystem and mount it
4.   change fstab and various configs to work with new hardware
5. boot in single user mode, fix fstab and devices, restore other filesystems
6. boot multiuser and fix anything that still doesn't work

I'm upgrading using cvsup and don't have recent CDs.
I know I can make my own bootable CD to keep for this purpose, but I
don't want to rely on it being found in a crisis if there is a more
generic method.

Can I do this by booting off an _old_ FreeBSD CD? How old, I mean,
what sort of changes do I need to look out for?

I think I need the fixit CD too, I couldn't just use the holographic
shell even if feeling masochistic... or could I?

Could it be done just using a couple of quickly downloaded boot
floppy images, in which case I'd only need to document the URL for
the current floppies?




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