jail : strange jid zombies

Christophe Yayon freebsd at freebsdfr.org
Mon Jun 23 14:03:26 PDT 2003

Hi all,

I have a problem with stranges jids (old jail envirronnements) ; when i
start the jail, all is done successfully, but when i kill it (killall -j
jid) the jail shutdown, but sometimes (when i had a user who was logged on
the jail) i have the jail envirronnment which continue to appear in jls
command ...

# jls
    72      uxprod13-devel                /jail/devel
    69      uxprod13-devel                /jail/devel
    64      uxprod13-devel                /jail/devel
    62      uxprod13-devel                /jail/devel
    54      uxprod13-devel                /jail/devel
    51      uxprod13-devel                /jail/devel
    46      uxprod13-devel                /jail/devel
    39      uxprod13-devel                /jail/devel
    36      uxprod13-devel                /jail/devel
    34      uxprod13-devel                /jail/devel
    21      uxprod13-devel                /jail/devel
    14      uxprod13-devel                /jail/devel
    10      uxprod13-devel                /jail/devel

# ps ax | grep J
-> no processes ...

Is it a bug in jls command ?

Thanks in advance...

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