What does this mean

Frank cyberfool at rogers.com
Mon Jun 23 13:49:53 PDT 2003

I have formatted my hard disk using the floppy that came with it.  It is now
a 32bit FAT.  I ran FIPS and everything seemed to go OK except that I
received a message at the end of FIPS that said it could not partition
FAT12, but I have no idea where it is getting the FAT12 from.

Please note that FIPS reported OK after checking FAT while running.

The message I get from the FIPS at the end of everything is that the
partition has been created and that I should run scandisk on the smaller
partition.  Then beneath this it says:

Memory allocation error
could not load command system halted.

The exact msg from trying to install from the image CD I created is:

'Building the boot loader arguments
read error: 0x01
could not find primary volume descriptor'



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