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Thu Jun 19 19:34:48 PDT 2003

Frank -

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Frank wrote:

> I am having trouble installing the FreeBSD software 5.1-RELEASE-i386-disc1.
> Here are the particulars of what I am using and what I have done.
> - Downloaded  5.1-RELEASE-i386-disc1 from FreeBSD using FTP Explorer and
> ensuring that binary is selected.  I am using a separate computer to do
> this.
> - Burned CD using Roxio Creator Classic version  Settings were
> other (tab), create bootable, no emulation, and use images or image
> 5.1-RELEASE-i386-disc1.
> - Partitioned drive with Windows 98 second edition resident on it to create
> a 'D' drive on a Pentium 200 MHZ machine with a 4X CD Rom.
> - Changed AMI CMOS setting to load from CD first.
> The CD appears to be reading the created disk for about 15 seconds but then
> appears to hang and then the Windows 98 OS loads.
> What could I possibly be doing wrong? Or what do I need to change to get
> this install to work?

The problem could come from the CD or from your computer. I have one box
that just _won't_ boot from its CD. Fortunately there are diskette images
on the CD (and on the net) that you can use to boot your system, and then
to install from the CD. Open the CD in your Windows machine (without
trying to boot from the it) and look for a './floppies' directory in the
root directory of the CD. There should be some image files and some
instructions on getting the images written to floppies, which ones you
need, and how to use them.

Check out details at:

Or go to:

and work down the page. You will be spending more time at:  
[] so you may as
well look around a bit now. Seriously, the documentation is critical and
its quality is good.

Let us know what you try and how it comes out.


 John Mills
 john.m.mills at

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